See how portable the Samsung Notebook 9 is

Samsung’s new Notebook 9 is a product of an extensive research and development process.

A notebook that’s optimized to help users enjoy a more convenient and streamlined experience, and new levels of mobility.

Maximized for Mobility

The Notebook 9 is incredibly light. Weighing in at just 1.8 pounds, the 13.3-inch Notebook 9 is recognized as one of the lightest notebook on the market today.

Samsung went to great lengths to ensure that the Notebook 9’s battery would be exceptionally versatile and capable of charging via a variety of means. Hence, the new notebook’s ability to conveniently charge via both USB Type-C smartphone chargers as well as external battery packs that provide more than 10 watts of power.

Achieving such compatibility, which adds considerable convenience and ensures that Notebook 9 users are never far from a power source, was no simple feat.

To further boost users’ mobility, Samsung also optimized the Notebook 9’s battery with Adaptive Fast Charge technology (AFC), so you can power up fast and get to work faster. The 13.3-inch model’s battery lasts up to seven hours on a single charge (the 15-inch model’s lasts 15), and fully charges in just 80 minutes. That means a quick 20-minute charge provides over two hours of power (or more than 3.5 hours for the 15-inch device).

A Balanced and Functional Design

When honing the Notebook 9’s aesthetic, Samsung envisioned a design that would complement the technology within the device rather than draw attention away from it. The color options, for instance – Crush White, Violet Blue and Light Titan – were selected to display elegance. Thanks to this “neutral” approach, the notebook looks balanced and is comfortable to use.

Rather than focusing on a design that looked thin and featured tapered edges, Samsung made sure that the notebook’s corners were soft and rounded. Seemingly small touches such as this make the Notebook 9 incredibly easy to grip and slip into a bag before heading out the door.

Strength backed by rocket science

The Notebook 9 derives its lightness and strength from its single-shell structure and Samsung’s use of a newly developed magnesium compound. Incorporating this lightweight and sturdy material into the Notebook 9’s solid, single-shell design has allowed Samsung to create a notebook that’s not only seamless and incredibly strong, but also exceptionally thin and not prone to bend.

The development team managed to add further strength to the Notebook 9’s design by reinforcing a hardness-boosting surface treatment commonly used in the aerospace, aviation and defense industries.

The thick crystalline oxide coating to the notebook’s body provides ample protection against corrosion, shocks and general wear and tear. Employing this science allowed Samsung to bolster the Notebook 9’s hardness while maintaining its market-leading lightness.

Streamlined for productivity

PC and mobile technologies are vital in this digital age, which is why Samsung consistently strives to identify ways to leverage its leading experience with these technologies to create streamlined, integrated solutions. With this in mind, Samsung incorporated productivity-boosting software such as PC Message and PC Gallery, which allow users to manage messages (SMS and MMS), videos and photos between their smartphone and Notebook 9 with a simple sync of the two devices.

In addition, the Notebook 9’s near edge-to-edge Samsung RealView Display makes snapped photos truly pop, with support for true-to-life colors, high brightness levels and a wide viewing angle. To offer users more freedom to take their work outside, Samsung also added an Outdoor Mode to the Notebook 9’s display settings, which provides clear visuals even in strong sunlight.

Tough security is essential no matter where you work, which is why the Notebook 9 also features a highly versatile fingerprint sensor. Featuring support for Windows Hello, this tool enables users to comfortably and securely sign in to their Notebook 9 with a single touch.





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